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Worried about Luton’s new licensing scheme?

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How can we help?

Yuno is a white labelled data-led tech platform that makes property licensing, planning and compliance hassle-free. With Yuno you can-


  • Generate new Revenue   Identify where your portfolio could earn additional streams of revenue and where you could introduce new services for both new and existing clients

  • Save time   Don’t waste time on council websites carrying out manual checks for each property or pursuing tenancies that may leave you and your clients non-compliant.

  • De-Risk Your Portfolio   Sit back and relax as Yuno monitors your entire portfolio, keeping you, and your clients, safe from ever-growing legislation and unexpected fines.

What value do we add?

At Yuno, we work hard to ensure that our services add value to your business. We do this by generating new leads, make transactions go faster and completed more often, ensure that Leaseholders are aware of and following leaseholder agreements and much, much more.

Join Yuno today and see the difference it can make to your business for free! Yuno it makes sense

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